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LuckXay Medical HealthCare

Heading for development of a quality service that is convenient, fast, and guaranteed continuously in order to support a quality life and satisfaction of service receivers including all-round growth for the longevity of the organization.



Many years ago, health services in Lao PDR were lacking of quality medical services and quality providers comparing to the neighboring countries. The main reasons are: they were lacking modern facilities, equipment, tools, medicines, facility management, care management, quality personnel, staffs, nurses, and doctors mainly. Due to the lacking of the health education system, hygiene awareness, the lacking of the services mentioned above, many patients and their families are seeking the services in neighboring countries like: Thailand, Vietnam or Singapore. When seeking the services over the neighboring countries, of course the costs are much higher and more expensive. Only the top high-income family earners can afford the services but the low-income families are suffering and along the way, they have lost the family loved ones due to the affordability.

However the good news is, Lao people are more health conscious today than in the past because of the access to health education, hygiene education, publication available provided by the international health organizations, public school, public health care providers, and governmental operating hospitals. More private clinics and hospitals were built and upgraded to meet the local demands today. Thus today, LMHC is committed to enter the service to compete and provide quality medical services to the local communities with high quality care and treatments. We will invest in modern facility, equipment, tools, technology, personnel, and highly respected doctors in the country to joint our forces to serve the local communities.


Vision and Mission LMHC


Provide good health away from diseases along with sciences using modern medical equipment that meet international standards. Give services from kind hearts that are quick and understanding for the good health of Lao citizens.


Aim at giving complete health services that are equivalent to an international level by utilizing modern medical equipment with a capable, experienced, and an ethical medical team and crews.

Heading for development of a quality service that is convenient, fast, and guaranteed continuously in order to support a quality life and satisfaction of service receivers including all-round growth for the longevity of the organization.



To advise and check citizens health regularly


To provide population treatment precisely with medical principles


To be an integrate medical clinic

An annual health check-up, a health check-up before getting insurance, a health check-up before going to study/work abroad and provide a health check-up for governors and private sectors


To create standardized services

To create standardized services and customer satisfaction for patients to get the warranty nature, create an impression, and pleasantness.

To be a clinic that provides full services of medical treatment 

emphasizes on the development of different medical fields in order to step on the successful in a medical profession

Establish a statistic of patient data collection

which is a system where doctors and nurses can check standardized health, can register health check-up online, fast, and can follow-up an appointment with patients thoroughly. This will also give customers a peace of mind.



Luckxay Medical Healthcare Clinic is a section that provides health services to the Lao society with sincerity and sympathy in order to make service receivers feel satisfied and impressed in our services. 
+ We bring to mind every service lesson in order to frequently improve and develop our services
+ We build a relaxing atmosphere from the first step that customers walk in until the end of treatment
+ We communicate with employees to always feel alert of giving the best service daily, monthly, or annually


Quality Service


Follow-up the treatment


Build standardized full service


Use various modern medical technologies

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ການບໍລິການທາງດ້ານການແພດ ສູນສົ່ງເສີມສຸຂະພາບ

ຄຣີນິກ ຫູ ຄໍ ດັງ 
ຄລີນິກ ລະບົບຫົວໃຈ ແລະຫລອດເລືອດ 
ຄລີນິກ ອາຍຸລະສາດ 

ຄລີນິກ ລະບົບລະລາຍ 
ຄລີນິກ ແຂ້ວ 
ສູນອຸປະຕິ ເຫດ ແລະ ສຸກເສີນ


Council Board

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Dr.Bounmy Somsamouth

The President of Medical Profession Board 

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Mr.Khamxay Bounmisidavong

The president of Business Administration Board 

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Dr. Thatsaphone Keophanthavong

Business Administrative (BA)